Spilfyter Sorbents are made from meltblown polypropylene – also known as MBPP. They are highly absorbent, absorbing up to 20 times their own weight. All sorbents are available in various configurations to suit every application.
Complete spill product range which includes Oil-Only, Universal and Chemical sorbents as wells as Neutralizers, Classifiers, Specialty Wipers.
A) Oil-Only – Available in pads, socks, pillows, rolls, sweeps, booms
B) Universal – Available in pads, socks, pillows, rolls
C) Chemical – Available in pads, socks, pillows, rolls
D) Spill Kits – Drum/Overpack (20, 30, 55, 65, 95 – gallon), Wheelie Bins (120ltr, 240ltr & 360ltr),  Kaddies &
      Mobile Carts, OPA 90 Oil Spill Kits
     * Specialized in Customized Spill Kits to suit all needs
E) Chemical Classifiers
F) Acid and Base/Akaline Neutralizers
G) Acid and Base/Alkaline Spill Kits
H) Mercury Spill Control
I) Spilfyter Wipes – Light/Medium Duty and Wet Wipes
J) Oil-Dri Absorbent Granules

Spilfyter Catalogue

* Visit www.spilfyter.eu for more product information.

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